Group Poem #2 Getting Lost

For this group poem, in addition to IRL contributors,  I asked people who lamented not being able to  make it to the salon to contribute via text or whatever.  Bet you can’t guess which one(s).  Shit gets lost.  This group poem has some tropes I did not expect.

Join us next week.  The poem will be around the theme of “LIES!”


Getting Lost
Group Poem

I’m not sure about
Big Sur
I’d probably get lost
Someone somewhere
must’ve tried looking
for me
But then they got lost too
it was like one big
loss sandwich
Hey there keep up the good work
don’t be lost, be a jerk
No work is off aphoria, soshick!
Get off yr ass,
Smoke some crack
and show us how to twerk
Los is a four letter
like fuck & shit
I am lost
One more time, Fuck it! Lost
It’ll turn; the space my setting
Sunsphere, I’m lost but it’ll turn
In the end
For is not the end the
When we are lost sometimes
we find the theme
I look to the outside
and see nothing
but I know in the background
death is just theming
Stones do not abide
my breath, as I sleep
among thistles and
weeds, I lay in quiet
discontent hoping I am
worth finding

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