Rolodex and Calendar from LAWS #3

One of the boxes we keep out at LAWS is called the Rolodex & Calendar.  It’s where people can leave/take cards, flyers, stickers, notes, doodles, etc..  There’s also a little black book inside where people can add upcoming events (in no particular order) so interested parties can browse.

Before I forget:

Next week’s theme is o r d e r – check out/join the event
Like us on the facebook for updates

Here’s what our box caught at week 3:

-a sticker from the dramedy (who performed)
– some calendar contributions:

The Dramedy
Live Jan. 31st
The Vaucluse Lounge @ 9PM

Rachel Oto
Sat, Jan. 31st
Sabor y Cultura @ 7PM
(Hollywood Acoustic Nights)



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