Group Poem #4 order


Group Poem

Order, it keeps
us in line

Or satisfied with our meal

Don’t think that this
poem has to rhyme
even though the theme
is order, and order is

Orderers all out of orders
re-order, subscribe to
what’s orderly, organize
submissives like
ornaments ornate through
oral overt overtone
call to order like
uber overlord ogre

Doctors w/out Borders
doesn’t have to follow
Human lives have no lines
so they turn walls into doors

Order?! Order?!
I’m not out of order, you’re out
of order!!

Let’s syntax simile:
DIS order is like the
end of sentence this

I was going to say
something out of order
but they put me
back in formation, please
listen to all the signs

Shit everywhere
Clean it all up. Vomit.
Vomit everywhere

In any case,
what we mean to say,
words aren’t anything
without thought or intent
have no weight,
without action, duty, a ability
Mean nothing, without
passion, heart or clarity.
Order places us in
communication, trust,

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