Ideas from Laws #5 False Starts

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #5 False Starts.  We’ll show you the suggestions and then the one we chose for next week.  Which one would you have gone with?  What would have you added?  So curious!

congratulations, learning, beyonce, climax, tom cruise, glory, the skyline lookn beautiful on fire, rafa, art, running away, waiting, jk, rumors, dissappoint, silence, cold feet, screaming eagles, childhood, momentum, conflict, nightingale choir, orgasm, language, lovers, easy bake, silence, [a drawing of picachu], E = MCsquared, land, intrusive lust, fun, flaming hot cheetos, roe-sham-bo, hacking, silence

the theme we chose is…………..


It’d be cool to mix two of these…running away art, conflict waiting, fun lust, congratulations tom cruise…

Maybe next time!

If you’d like to contribute a theme to next week’s box:

1. comment here

2. tom cruise to the event in Echo Park, Los Angeles.




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