Games from LAWS #5 False Starts

For the fifth LAWS, we continued our interactive fun with the group poem and added group art, name tags (to avoid false starts that night, we wanted to make sure everyone got each other’s names right) and “False Starters”.  The False Starters were random words, including words from previously suggested themes, that performers were asked to somehow incorporate into their segment.  We made it work…eventually.

Next week, the theme is, “Silence”

Join us for songs, poetry, discussion, and WORDS around this theme.  Here’s this week’s event: LAWS #6 Silence

and the Facebook page: LAWordSalon              we’re also on the twitter: @lawordsalon

These are the interactive goodies/games we have out at LAWS.  The name tags and false starters were unique to this theme.  Next week, we’ll have a twist that involves silence.

These are photos from LAWS #5 False Starts:

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