Group Poem #7 Drugs

Last week’s group poem goes a lot of places…on drugs.  Well, not necessarily on drugs, but around drugs.  In the general area of drugs.

There’s some good stuff in here:

drugs group poem


Group Poem

I feel colors right now
and they feel like sound…

Love hits like BOOM!
Then, life shits like DOOM

Life can only be what
you make of it, for what
you make of it is what it
makes of you #Drugthoughts

Hash tag hash
coke and booze

Shrooms and
let’s cruise

Your face is psychedelic


What kind are they?
I’m…what kind of
drugs are you selling?
I want to buy some

Ketamine, roofies, poppers, crack,
black tar, peanut butter, crank and smack
dried kitten urine


I want to get high, so high
But why?
We stretch the word
“high” to breaking
obtund consciousness
or expand it?
Go to sleep or “see”?
Then demand it: drugs!
Hollywood is Dead

Love is
the drug.
Abuse that shit.
Lose that shit..
Come back, again,
and use that shit.
Most importantly,
Share that shit.

He was not here
He was here, but not here
He sat in the same
At the same bar.
He was here
He was always
here, but not here.



Of all the drugs, woman
is the only one you quit
by doing more.
want to quit drinking?
Want to quit smoking?
want to quit a woman?
Get a new one…

When fishes fly you know
the world is high


Join us next week for LAWS #8 SEX.



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