More Evidence of LAWS #7 Drugs

What a great seventh LAWS!  The theme was “drugs” and there was a lot of that, at least discussion about that.  Hat cat.  drugs hugs.   I digress…There were also some great tunes, stories, poetry, dance, and people!

Next week, the theme is, “Sex

Here’s the second round of evidence from Drugs
care of Lorna Alkana Art

We took a few breaks on that rainy Sunday because people kept showing up, and I knew they wanted to talk and sign up to…talk on stage.  Immediately after I announced the breaks and hopped off the stage, people leaned into discussion with one another, or took a buddy to the bar.  Love this.

Round 2 of Evidence:

Round 1 of Evidence:



Join us for songs, poetry, discussion, and WORDS around this theme.  Here’s this week’s event: LAWS #7 Drugs

and the Facebook page: LAWordSalon    we’re also on the twitter: @lawordsalon

Go team!


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