Rolodex and Calendar from LAWS #7

One of the boxes we keep out at LAWS is called the Rolodex & Calendar.  It’s where people can leave/take cards, flyers, stickers, notes, doodles, etc..  There’s also a little black book inside where people can add upcoming events (in no particular order) so interested parties can browse.   Here are the box contributions from Week 7: Drugs….

Before I forget:

Next week’s theme is Sex – check out/join the event and
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Here’s what our box caught at week 7:

The amazing Inglewood, and in general, activist, Teka-Lark Fleming joined the discussion.  She has an inclusive, community, literary event coming up next month.  The emphasis is feminism.

Black Grrrl Book Fair
Saturday, March 7, 2015
10AM-8PM Free
Cielo Galleries/Studios
3201 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90011


René David Quintanilla also added to our rolodex box!   I like to call to him Mr. Manager ’round LAWS.  He’s an event programmer with mostammer:

René David Quintanilla

aaaaaaand, and upcoming event from our semi-chronological calendar:

Porter at The Comedy Store on March 1st and March 29th!

IMG_8693 IMG_8694





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