Group Poem #8 Sex

Last week’s group poem gets pretty steamy.

group sex poem

Group Poem

Slow first, then double time
round, smooth-edged, hard line
head over tails
you push
I pull

down the rabbit hold
and up the bell curve
we ride

Through to and forward
away and soft beams
touch, taste, tongue

Avoid the mind
avoid the mind
avoid the mind

Safety is an illusion
I look in your eyes
teaching me what I fogot



render to undress


splendor when we’re

Sex sex sex oh I wanna
have sex with my woman

Yearn for a
gentle zone?

The best touch of the world
is the sweet, sweet
touch of a man

I like a woman who is
ride or die, likes from behind
loves from within
beautiful all around

Ass fucking

Oh how I long to have sex
with a supermodel, a
beautiful model

Oh how I long to have sex
with Roald Dahl

Clean sex
green sex

Sex should be good
before during and after

Yes, yes, right there
Baby you always know what I like

Celebrate this sex
it’s what keeps humanity going.

Sex is cool when you do it
with another person, actually it’s
cool by yourself too.

I once bruised a girl’s
sternum in Las Vegas during
Jack Hammer sex.

I am a dolphin.

Sex comes and goes
we can go with the flow
we start and end
our limbs blend

Sticky, slimy, moist
words that make us
squirm about something
that feels so, so good.

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