Group Poem #9 Time

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

time group poem

Group Poem

melted his face
into an unhappy
handless clock

The markers of passing time
dripped down with slow mourning
of a recent widow

Time is everything
and everything is time
time flies by oh so fast
for a stitch in time
saves nine.
time is no one’s friend
For time waits for
no one.

Howl, for the clock it lies!
Look at it, with its crooked
hands strike
Now, it’s all we have!
Feel it up from back to calf

That means include
the ass
because NOW is all we’ll
EVER have!

Time flies like an arrow
(Fruit flies like bananas)

Ride that time
until the arrow disappears,
and you’re left
to fly of your
own accord

left me behind once

Time has a way of showing
who your true friends are
If I could time travel
I’d take a picture and
show you who you really

Bloody Sunday
Bloody Sunday
Bloody Sunday


Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 10th one, and the theme is No Theme!

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