Group Poem #11 Head

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

group poem head LAWS


group poem

What better way to start
a LAWS about Head

Closed mouths don’t get fed
closed legs get no head

Talk like That and my cheeks get

Silence your head
with the pizza to
your right

Red Head
the undead

Lack led

You sped past me
got ahead of

Lead the way

Too much head

Slowed down for the police
but realized
they work for me

Life is short love the world
do your best
for your kids & your girl

If your girl means the world
what are you doing
on your feet?

There’s a swirl, a tender
twirl that should
have you on your knees.

No one wants you to
keep your head

Will you give yours

For five easy payments of $4.99
give your head
love your head
your head is gone
now you can be

Oh and fuck your poetry





Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 10th one, and the theme is Time Travel!

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