Group Poem #12 Time Travel

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:


time travel group poem lawordsalon

Time Travel
Group Poem

Nice to meet you, again
its been a long time
or has it?

Feels like no time
it did

One time I want to
forget so it can be
the first time

But not with you.
I want it to be the
first for all things.
Again.  Damn time!

Again and again
familiarity – it time travel too,
isn’t it?  That feeling of déjà vu

Time Travel

Until you’re here again
because we want you
here again

It’s not about

It’s about
our time

The turbulent time to find
just tryin’a find

Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 10th one, and the theme is Second Chances!

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