Group Poem #16 Letters Home

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

group poem letters home

Letters Home
Group Poem

I thought of you
when I saw that
music video

I have to admit
that that was a
long time ago

The letters home
are the way home
I click my feet
and chant
there is no place like home
and when I write my letter
a piece of my heart
goes on home with the

Oh my child, oh my sweet,
sweet child, how my heart
longs for your letter home

How I long for a piece of
your beautiful chicken scribblings.
home, thank you, thank you
my child, for I have received it.
I have received your letter home.

And – you know –
I have left only to
only to write to you
about the non-homes
and the new homes I am finding

About the homeless
and the heartful
I’ve found

I waited for you.  I
waited at the station
with an Autumn bouquet.
Your favorite.  I waited
for you.  I waited for
you at the station.  If
you showed up you were
too late.  My train came
and I had to make it.
I waited for you.  I
waited at the station.  I
realized our love
was just apart of my
imagination.  I’m going back home.

Dear Home,

I miss you.

Dear Home,

I love you.

Dear Home,

I’m heading to you.
to all my letters
because all letters
go home.

(who sends letters away?)

And so there I’ll be,
home with my letters.

Maybe when the dust
settles, I’ll write
a homeless letter.
try that out.
see what it’s about.

Pen to paper
thoughts are an invisible ink
write what’s in your heart
because home is there

No home
no one’s home
no home

I don’t got no home

Too many homes
which one is my

If I have no home,
can I even arrive?
Like a bee with a bone
but without hive.
Where to bury that tome
and how to survive?

Maybe I’ll go to LAWS. J
See ya’ll there next week!


Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 17th one!  The theme is DEATH!

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