Group Poem #17 Death

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

lawordsalon group poem death


Group Poem

I’ve learned
the good in your
death is that you once lived

And the good in your
life is that you are going
to die.

We are all waiting to die

We are all dead

Death, rot, nothing

What if we are all alive
in death and we don’t know
it.  What if we are all
dead in our living and we
don’t know it.

Dead people are the most
beautiful people in the
wide world because they are
nothing yet they are everything
because only is it when you
are dead or have been dead before
will you have the wisdom that
we are nothing and when we
admit this, then we become
everything J

But are you living or are you
Got that yin-yang, light & dark,
life and death drive, thrive

It lays beneath the skin
deep below the heart beat
where one day it will grow
cold where it was once warm

Yo breath smells like death
tommy’s #2 Chilli Belch
I smealt, but you dealt it,
from the mouth, you fartered
from the mouth
yo breath smells like death

While we sleep
it creeps
the lies
we speak
so much

You live Bitch!
Born, you live die in Nature
People die everyday
cycle continues.

The present is called the
present because it is a

Death is called death
because it is deft.
That can’t be said of life!
Death is the gift
that keeps on giving,
the cause of our strife.

So what shall we say of it?

well you’d kill me
if you weren’t already dead to me

Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 18th one!  The theme is MOTHERS!

week 18 mothers flyer update 8x11 w

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