Group Poem #18 Mothers

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

group poem mothers lawordsalon



LAWS Group Poem

Mother may I
Mother made
I may make a mother

When I see mama, I see
When I see mama I see
happiness, beauty, freedom,
dignity, selflessness, love
most of all.
She loves me the most.
So I love her the most.

Are you my mother?
Mother earth
or – something —
gave birth to…
…well we’re still figuring
that out aren’t we

The nurturing.  The tears.  The Pain.
How did she put up with me
for so long.  Did I choose her,
or did she choose.  Or…or…
Ooooooh… did someone choose us
for each other.  Man!  I don’t know
about you, but my head spins
trying to figure out how or
why.  Why her.  Why is she
mother.  Why am I her child.
what purpose is there for
this match made in heaven.  If
that’s where the match was even
made.  Is there a heaven?  I
don’t know.  I’m still trying
to figure it out.  The only
thing I’ve figured out is that
there is a reason she is
mother and I love her.

It’s more than love

Mama taught me
that swearing is okay
as long as its not
at someone

vs Fuck you
Mama taught me
that you don’t always
keep yourself safe
you’re fucked

I want to b like you mama
when I grow up.  You lift me
up but put me peacefully
back on the ground

Mama had sex to have me

PS I love you

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