Group Poem #19 4 A.M.

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

lawordsalon group poem 4am

4 A.M.
LAWS Group Poem

It is 4 AM in the morning
Juah!  When else is 4 AM
supposed to be?
Sleep is best at
4 AM


It’s four AM and my dick
is hard.  Smiley face to my

It’s 4 AM and I’m off guard
the ground is melting
and the sky is beginning to

This acid-trip keeps me awake
I’m in another world
The ground begins to shake

At 4 AM, I yearn for sleep
so close, yet so, so far
I break down, begin to weep
it’s all just too bizarre

This night has lasted,
gone on too far,
relentless appeal of coffee
calling to me, to stay awake
to breathe, to walk, to create

It’s 4 AM?!  Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

I missed the plane

I rush thru the lane
in the dark the lights
blur in a frenzy.
Which one is for me?
My last flight to
take me from the light.

Whatever happens at 4 AM?
It’s 4AM – Do you know
where your musician is?
Do you know nothing
happens at 4 AM!
Take it easy, it’s only 4:01 AM

Do you know everything
happens at 4 AM

4AM is the creative
person’s haven

It’s equivalent to
the eleven on the
Spinal Tap volume scale

Like clockwork the clock
ticks louder and louder…

——> Next week’s theme is “The Devil” and/or “Freedom”.  Join the event!

freedom devil laws flyer w

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