Group Poem #20 Freedom & or The Devil

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

LAWord Salon Group Poem - The Devil or Freedom

Freedom &or The Devil
LAWS Group Poem

Once in a while or every
now and then, say, “What
the fuck?”  What the fuck?
gives you freedom, freedom brings
you opportunity, opportunity
makes your future.  “What the
fuck?”  If you can’t say it,
you can’t do it
Miles – Risky Business


We grew up being taught by
the ones before us that
Satan (the Devil) is the
Master Deciever.  I look at it
as a way to trap our minds.
Fear the Devil!  That’s just one
way they take our freedom.

The devil has the best
record collection.

You’re only as old as the
last time you changed
your mind – Tim Leary

“I thought about getting sober
in AA, but the thought of
making amends to an entire
generation was just too much”
-Tim Leary

I thought about getting
sober the other day, but
the thought of making
friends with a new
population was just too much

Freedom compels
me to restrain myself

Have you ever met the

——> Next week’s theme is “Censors”.  Join the event!

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