Group Poem #21 Censors

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

lawordsalon group poem censors


LAWordSalon Group Poem

I wanna *beep*
I wanna do *beep*
to you and after that, I
will *beep* and *beep*
and afterwards, I will do
*beep* to your *beep* J

Big Brother Loves Us All

You’re so sensitive

Nothing should ever be
censored.  The truth should
be out all the time.  It is
us that should be taught
whether to look or not
and us that should know
right from wrong.

I censor myself, when I am not myself
be careful.
there should however be
designation to protect those
who prefer a filtered media

Big Brother says, “Obey!”
And we can choose or
choose not to.
We thought we had the
right to say,
“Yes, sir” or “I don’t want to.”
But when the NSA
says, “We’ve got you”
And there’s nothing Snowden
can say to save you,
Maybe you ought to,
Maybe you thought to,
Maybe you’ll slowly come to
the realization that…
[this message has been censored]


——> Next week’s theme is “Censors”.  Join the event!


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