Group Poem #22 The Wild Me

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

lawordsalon group poem the wild me

The Wild Me
LAWS Group Poem

At first, I shouted (sharted),
“Take me for what
I am”

And now I do not care.
Box me up
if you want to
Label me a sham

The wild does not live

The wild me pee pees on
my neighbor’s tee pee.  Running
away freely.  Naked: Hey
look at my swangin’ pee pee.
hee hee

wild, me?
why, you silly.
no, you, Jane.  Me, Tarzan.
Together, we, wild, be.

In the waves of the wind
we wildlings run
from the crowns atop the clouds
to the river winding down
in the deep deep of us

I.P. Freely is my friend
Tests, testes, is this
mic on?

He’s a wild, wild man.
No, seriously, is this mic on?

There’s no “wild” me to see
There’s shame, there’s
face, there’s hypocrisy
But don’t point the finger
or you’ll point three
back toward the pointing
Go wild, so what?
I was born wild!
Oh, to be a baby! 🙂

Babies are wild.
They yell and they scream
and they’re not afraid
to tell you, “Fuck you”
with their yelps and their
moans.  We lose that.
We’ve lost that
Get it back.


——> Next week’s theme is “Race and/or Transparency”.  Join the event!

laws 23 race transparency flyer


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