Group Poem #23 Race and/or Transparency

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

lawordsalon group poem race transpency

Race and/or Transparency
LAWS Group Poem #23

So what if I’m in the
N double-A C-P?
If Caitlyn can choose
to be a gal with a
Wee wee,
I say let’s fight the
power, the powers
that be
I’m black on the inside
raised to be
so what if I’m in the
N double-A C-P?

Living in the ghetto
black is everywhere you
go, who would have ever
known I would fall in
love with someone whose
skin is as white as
winter’s snow.
Sweaweed (Hairspray)

Big is back and as for
black it’s beautiful

Skin as black as charcoal
skin as white as snow
and everything in-between

I’m in love with one
of my father’s slave girls
but this world is trying
desperately to confine me
I need to break loose of
this and live my life
the way I want to

Race has taken its own pace
time to take the reign
time to deal with paradigm’s pain
Big Bluch infinite




——> Next week’s theme is “Transformation”.  Join the event!



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