Group Poem #24 Synesthesia

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

lawordsalon group poem synesthesia

LAWS Group Poem #24

She made the sand turn

She made a model out
of you

I hear his voice and I see red
I see his smile and I forget

Kraw? Kraw!
Who saw? Who saw?

She made the sound she
She made a ship of you
The color, the quotient
The taste of this notion

It tastes like the ocean
or cloud 9 love potion

It stings like a bee
I’m hooked on your poison
can’t stand the noise and


So I can taste the rhythm
of the waves
that we rode together
in better days

There were 2

2 bitches those bitches
witches Arhh! Ono-Mono-
I’m peeing out blood




——> Next week’s theme is “Transformation”.  Join the event!

LAWordSalon Transformation Flyer



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