Group Poem #25 Transformation

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:


lawordsalon group poem transformation

LAWS Group Poem

Dust to dust
diamond to disaster,
evolution moves much faster
when you’re not looking closely
watch that water boil
that paint dry

Transformation! The second most
important thing. The first, of course,
being change.

Why, Megatron? Why?

We had the prime
matrix but you
had to fuck it up.

Why, Megatron? Why?

Yeah, Megatron! Why
do you have to be a puss, I mean a dick?

Or is it a puss?
It’s time for transformation

Watch everyone you date.
You may find yourself married
It’s just that kind of a nation.

Transform into a champion…
then into ultimate…

Then into a memory
for then you will have justification
to make a new one
dream your dreams
then transition them into your
reality; like how the midnight
knows when its time has come



——> Next week’s theme is “Pleasure”.  Join the event!

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