[belated] Ideas (theme suggestions) from Laws #24 Synesthesia

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #24 Synesthesia. What would you have suggested?  Which would you have chosen?

Here’s what we gathered.

guns, sweaty, symmetry, transformation, joy, transformation, transitions, self acceptance, fathers, fathers, dinosaurs, dinosaurs, not synesthesia, violence, who am i?, friendship, don’t fuck up the rotation, imagination, come together, not synesthesia, american exceptionalism, nationalism

Scroll to see what we chose!

lawordsalon theme suggestions synesthesia

the theme we chose is…………..

“Transformation”! [LAWS#25 Transformation was on 6.28.15 – See what happened here!]

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Next week, the theme for LAWS#26 is Pleasure.  Join the event!

laword salon pleasure flyer


See you in Echo Park on Sunday!




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