Group Poem #26 Pleasure

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:


lawordsalon group poem pleasure


LAWS Group Poem #26

It’s my pleasure
to please her

Please sir
make certain you’re sure
consider the inevitable closure

Do you concur
and do you understand
the pleasure you have
when you grace this land

Oh please!

I want to pleasure all of
your minds, have orgies in
your head until your head
bursts with pleasure.

Yeah, pleasure’s okay
I guess you could say,
get carried away
when you go out to play
only because I
can pleasure myself
better anyway

All pleasure begins,
and sometimes it ends
In small things and big
It can take, but it lends
A hand in the day,
in spite of the odds,
at the mercy of the gods

Back and in black…

Pleasure is the beginning
of pain – feel me
praise is the start
of blame – hear me
who asks for money?
Our friends – see me
Liberation is happiness
cops are hell – smell it
pigs, pigs in a blanket
use all your senses
and be it, embody it,
be sure it’s PLEASURE!

——> Next week’s theme is “Los Angeles” and/or “Money”.  Join the event!

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