Group Poem #28 Spontaneous Combustion

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems (in our new happy face notebook!  we filled up the other one!):

laword salon group poem spontaneous combustion

Spontaneous Combustion
LAWS Group Poem

Oh! Nothing is spontaneous
not that we know what
will happen
or can remember where we’ve been

But at a certain point
we can identify
cause and effect
to find a place
to begin


At least one of Spinal Tap’s
drummers perished this way

And there’s a clip where
they mention that
and it’s pretty damn
dry-humor funny

For those who will
inevitably leave
riske comments:


Because of course.

How spontaneous
is it that you ended
up here, answer
this question?

Also, how combustible
are you?

I would burst if I had

I would bust my hole wide

And it would happen
in a thrice
like I were cooking
polished rice
Bust the lid and tear my
Spontaneously do this

Green Apple Quick step
Get the lighter, it feels
like shit!
Or nuclear fusion
But it’s just
spontaneous combustion!

——> This week’s theme is “Manic”.  Join the event!

lawordsalon manic

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