Group Poem #30 Manic

Without further ado we present to you the LAWS Group Poem from three weeks ago, LAWS #30 Manic.

lawordsalon group poem manic

LAWordSalon Group Poem

After exploring
every single

I’m left, so wait,
with more to give

You’re great
really, the best

I say that, like fate,
in all seriousness

I say and repeat
I really must stress

You’re the fornicating,
BEST!!! I’m not manic

I’m not depressive
or expressive
I’m the real deal
And you’re the best
that’s how I feel.
When you’re manic,
you’ve got plenty of zeal

And you can steal…
the show–
Just goes to show
it’s how you FEEL!
It’s letting that feeling grow
feed until it’s clawing the walls
of your brain
and becomes
all you need
super speed with my
eyes, There’s no surprise,
that I’m KRAZY…
living at home with my baby.
Your Drama Don’t Faze

Maybe if we communicated
better without the faking
and all the anger we’d
reach a final conclusion
but I know that’s a

——> The group poem for LAWS #31 Role Play is coming at your tomorrow.  LAWS #32 Echo Park Rising doesn’t have a group poem because we focused on our two musical features for the festival: Wam Dingis and Mars de la Mancha.  The theme for this week’s LAWS #33 is Infinite SpaceJoin the event!

infinate space flyer lawordsalon



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