Evidence from LAWS #33 Infinite Space

LAWS #33 Infinite Space was full of great ideas, people, words, ideas, song, fun….I can go on and on.  and on and on.  It’s a really lovely and exciting community developing in Echo Park on Sundays (prob in a lot of places), but here’s evidence of such from our LA Word Salon.

Before I forget!  Make sure to check out this week’s LAWS #34 Mother Nature.  It’s Sunday in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  Join the event!

See evidence from previous events here!

Here’s some evidence from LAWS #33 Infinite Space
care of Lorna Alkana Art





See the full album here!

Find us on Facebook: LAWordSalon    Twitter: @lawordsalon and Instagram: @lawordsalon

Go team!

See you next week for LAWS#34 Mother Nature!  Join the event!

mother nature lawordsalon



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