Group Poem #40 Loyalty

And we’re caught up with the LAWS Group Poem posts!  Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #40 Loyalty!

lawordsalon group poem loyalty


#39 Loyalty
Group Poem


I promise to tell
you when
I decide to be loyal
if you promise
to tell me not to be

Loyalty begins at

Loyalty is not by force
it is a choice
between wisdom and
The ball is in your court

The court is
in your kingdom

ask the fool how
to get there

traitors build character

Loyalty loyalty loyalty
la la la la la
de da de da de da

If I asked you to
get it together
would you leave me
or thank me?

Would you
or deflect
or ask for your time

I thought you’d

Where’d you park?
I’ll walk you there

Dahmi Adnane
Victor Martinez

Loyal, you’re loyal?
Is that what you siad?

A Hitler, a humper
a hybrid well-bred?

A hovel, a hill house
a Homer instead:

Let’s walk together
through Parthenon wrecked

Let’s whisper, like
Socrates said

And drink this hemlock
to the head

Loyal, you’re loyal?
Is that what you said?

——> The theme for this week’s LAWS #41 Dogs and/or BeerJoin the event!

dogs and or beer lawordsalon flyer




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