Evidence from LAWS #41 Dogs and/or Beer

LAWS #41 Dogs and/or Beer showcased some amazing individuals and collaborators!  Keith Taylor, the featured [A]fter[W]ords artist bared his soul and his songs.  We had such a great crowd!  I can’t wait to see/hear what happens next week!  PLUS!  Next week is a special edition of LAWS because in addition to the open-mic, we will be celebrating the birthdays of FOUR Lawsters!  Venue owner, LAWS engineer, and both co-hosts have October birthdays, and Hot Sauce Holiday is going to help us all ring in our new ages.

I want to officially invite you to next week’s LAWS #42 El Diablo y/o California!  Check it out!   Join the event!

See evidence from previous events here!

Alriiight here are some pics from the event on Oct 18, 2012.  Dogs and/or Beer!
care of Lorna Alkana Art

See the full LAWordSalon from Dogs and/or Beer here!

Find us on Facebook: LAWordSalon    Twitter: @lawordsalon and Instagram: @lawordsalon

Go team!

See you next week!

el diablo california lawordsalon flyer w


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