Group Poem #43 Cookies and/or Dia de los Muertos

Every week we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #43 Cookies and/or Dia de los Muertos!

lawordsalon group poem cookies


LAWS #43 Cookies and/or Dia de los Muertos
Group Poem

I cook with ease
have you smelled these
take one
no need to say please

It couldn’t hurt
it won’t kill you

If I treat him nice
and man it, will I get
his cookies? J

Beware for I am
a cookie monster!

Sugar free
spicy me


——> The third Sunday in November’s event is….LAWS #44 C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around MeJoin the event!


lawordsalon cream lockett flyer w



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