Group Poem #44 Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Every week we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #44 Cash Rules Everything Around Me


lawordsalon group poem cash rules everything around me

LAWS #44 CREAM Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Group Poem

Cash rules everything
not just with bling
it’s in the words I sing
the rule is what we
all bring

Oh really?

I don’t want your

I do

What’s better, sex or money?
Sex of course
Never trust a hoe

But ought we worship whoredom
of self for cash?
Cream, collard greens, the means
to get in between; money
And maybe it’s funny…
but who does the ruling?
And why is it money?
Milled & Honey, beaches & forrest in
the days that are sunny!
Money’s because & be damned
because for a dog!  Cast him to
the depths of dispersion!!
Value, on the other hand, truly
understanding value opens the
door to wisdom.  Adjustment
and inventory are some currencies value
uses to trade with.  And, if sex
is the other option I had to
choose (in only the hypothetical
of my own little thought bubbles),
then unsex us now from the
hearsay and how of the cash-cow,
Minion, that witched, accursed
false idol; not only to God, but
to the very Will that drives
this mortal talisman you so
foolish trade for insatiable
lust and lunge towards doom.
Don’t be the Fool that found
Folly in Ruin…but do
remember this, “Wu-Tang is for the children” –Ol’ Dirty Bastard


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