Group Poem #47 Sexuality

Every LAWS we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #47 Sexuality!


group poem sexuality lawordsalon

LAWS #47 Sexuality
Group Poem

sex u al it me
yes let us discuss this
over tea

how many cups until you see
how many cups until I’m free

I’ve heard it takes three


my body is my home,
don’t make it your challenge.
When I say I won’t cum,
do you think I’m asking.

you mother fucker you
I come when I want to
and that is only when i am
pleased so it is not about
how good you are but how
much you can please me
unselfishness pleases
therefore unselfishness
is sexuality mother fucker
so hear that shit you
dick sucker pussy sucker
you degenerate you and remember
to smile afterwards
peace out!

I want to touch myself
in all the right spots,
but I can’t seem to do
it as well as you do.  I
want to own my sexuality,
But right now, I’m content
with allowing you to explore
this realm with me

Sexuality!  Bring it outta me!
Vibes reach and ring the sprit
in me sings of things (cumming
(C?U&Me!) together…
to get and not err when it refers
to the letter that purrs or
the wand that stirs the
mixture of the Holy Grail —
this all entailed in your
tale of libido liberty  and [presence]

Join me!
Libido, Liberty!
Smile on him or me

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