Group Poem #48 Intelligence

Every LAWS we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #48 Intelligence!

group poem intelligence lawordsalon

LAWS #48 Intelligence
Group Poem

A penny for your thoughts
A twenty for your art
A five for you jive
A crisp bill for the way you feel
But nothing’s free
know your worth
own the earth
and recognize
that you dying slow since birth
Like Kanye said
Time’s the only luxury
Fuck with me
But peace.  Cuz love is in the art we breathe.

Being smart is relative,
common sense is selective
no one knows everything
that is the start of wisdom
survival is intelligence
to me, knowing when to stop
is intelligence
stop drinking.
stopping anything in excess.

Why is intelligence so
strongly associated by ones
use of the English

I once learned of fulfillment
[…] on which intelligence
rode atop bliss.
Knowledge, Intelligence,
Wisdom, and Consciousness.
Each stop is important for
the journey

If you think education is expensive
try ignorance

Humans are
self destructive
That’s why we or
they want to
be Robots.
Because that
is the end.

I thought I saw you the other day
on the corner of Figueroa and
Cypress, but it was just
A flaw in the frame rate.
Far beyond comprehension
Lay our makers mention
Of our intention
but sorry
Just out of reach of
Human retention
So please pay attention
I’ll say this once for added
Intelligence is Invention

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