Group Poem #1 My First Time

We keep a lil notebook at the bar for people to contribute to a group poem, around the theme, that we’ll read at the end.  For our first time, I’m quite satisfied.  Please add on to it if you’d like.  There are more directions in this post than those who initially contributed were privy to.  We’re moving to second base?  We’re tired of sex analogies?  We’ll see…

My First Time
Group Poem

was awkward
and short

can’t remember it

uncomfortably itchy laying
on a wool couch…
at a FAKE “new years” party…
in October…in college

was like a midwest thunderstorm;
sudden and terrifying

all the blessings of the beginner,
boon of follies, a dream come
to harvest, borderlands.

Unsure, nope there it is!
Found it
feeling good

in the grass
water bottles full of

i like to think it
doesn’t count

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