Group Poem #3 Lies!

I think we’re getting the hang of this!

Group Poem

Golden threads of
sive on sun’s
Deceptive like the cracks
they cross and intertwine

Who knows what really is anyway?

For example, this road
goes to Vegas,
but Vegas is a lie.

There and back again,
I never really went
And upon return
the road that was
wasn’t, and the
truth that is, isn’t.

I’m sorry.  Oh…you mad that
I came to the party?

Let’s just rhyme it out
LIES – despise, disguise
surmise, criminalize

But don’t read too much
into it, don’t put all
your faith into it,
don’t fall from the top
of these untruths
into a lake of lies
laying by the wayside

Though I love her
I lied to her
spied a new reality
and we’ll do it again
clipped her toenails
braided her hair
I made her cry
I made her stare


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