Group Poem #14 BOOTY &or Innocence

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:


group poem booty innocence

Booty &or Innocence
Group Poem

At first – they don’t
know that an ass slap
goes further than they’ve seen

No matter where you’ve been
no matter what you have seen
if you are feeling blue,
just know that you have
your butt to squeeze.
I like innocent asses.

The unknowing asses
the asses with fake eyelashes

Who still think that matters

The Devil’s face stared at me
“Kiss it!  Kiss it!” they
all agreed.

But, oh, the smell.
It’s like the Gates of Hell.
And they said, “But you
should see the Queen!
There’s a demoness who’ll
make you scream,
“That’s some wicked booty!”
Oh that Horned Cutie!

There was once a
famous poet who
did not say, “Booty is
truth, and truth is booty.”
But I heard a rumor
he died, innocent.
without guilt.  Honestly.

Her booty was a lot
like my life…
It was full and nice,
but at the same time,
full of shit.

It is not the “vulgarity”
of the words that
makes us blush.
It is the thoughts,
feelings, and actions
that make you Plush.
Your booty is not
the end but the beginning
The start of something
with passion and meaning

And taste, And FEEL
and sight, and sound
yes the sound, I love the sound
of your innocence


Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 15th one, and the theme is Monsters!

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