Ideas (theme suggestions) from Laws #14 BOOTY &or Innocence

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #14 BOOTY &or Innocence.    Which one would you have gone with?  What would have you added?  So curious!  Scroll to see what we chose!

string theory, astrologicunt, pride, ocean, pimpled penis, you thik you got freedom?, [a drawing of boobs or balls], dick slap, monsters (x6), pussy poppin’ (x2), [drawing of penis tip], environment, alien origins, names, limp dick, conception aka cunteption, death wish, doubt, veterans, bruises (particularly ass bruises resembling cosmic things/nebulae, red center, pollution, blind love, naughty, Rosewell, hollow earth, spring, boobs, sunset!!, [drawing of a tree]’s life

some of these theme suggestions included supplemental drawings!  e x c e l l e n t





the theme we chose is…………..


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See you in Echo Park on Sunday!




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