Group Poem #15 Monsters

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

mosters group poem LAWordSalon


Group Poem


I am a monster

I am a ravenous creature

I am ugly

I am dangerous

I am hungry for you

But you will love me


I’m a monster, sometimes

Even when I don’t want

To be a monster


I am still deformed

And twisted.

A monstrosity.

An act of sin.

Cleft palate

Club Toe, Encephalitic*


I am a monster

I am misunderstood

I am creative

I am different

I am love

I am Fear’s worst nightmare

I am Fear and have no light here


Recently, I’ve spent so

Much time on top of my

Bed that I’ve forgotten

To check underneath


For monsters


You don’t know monsters

Like I know monsters

When does it end?


When did it start?


You created a monster

When you broke my heart


“When does it end?”

Fuck you

It never began

You were a monster!

I, a damsel in distress

You can suck my tits,

But leave that other

Thing in my chest!



You are what we fear.


The visual and

The visceral.

It is not your form
that scares me

It is what you

Can say to me


Call me a monster

*Encephalitic – inflammation of the brain


Join us for next week’s LAWS!  It’s out 16th one, and the theme is The Letters Home filming a music video for their single, “Pegasus”!  Check out the the event!

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