LAWS #17 – Death- is this Sunday in Echo Park

This week we will salon around the theme of Death.

let’s talk about it


Sunday 5.3.15
sign-ups at 5:30 – salon starts at 6:45 – featured music at 9

Bring your poetry, songs, ears, and ideas to this word experiment

Special music guests Rachel Oto and Operator_Error will start making love to our ears round 9, after the salon!
Rachel Oto:
Operator_Error (Joe DeCicco and Mike Gattshall)

everyone is welcome to listen and share
green, esteemed, established, curious

Lorna Alkana Art will host!

1836 W Sunset Blvd. LA 90026

We’ll post the photos, theme suggestions, and group poem from last week’s event, LAWS #16 The Letters Home Music Video Filming, throughout the week.


lawordsalon death

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