Group Poem #27 Los Angeles and/or Money

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:


laword salon group poem money los angeles


Money and/or Los Angeles
LAWordSalon Group Poem

The angels gave me money
and then they must have
taken it away

Thirsty, I let those skyscrapers
make the bar graph
of how full my pockets
would be today

Life is but a dream
a box of wine
and a couple of screams

Screams that justified Echo
Park’s name
for a “5” twice divided
the mutineers came

I spend more time
masturbating to the prospect
of the love interest than
I do fucking the
love interest!

That’s inappropriate;

You’ll never make
it with that
-Producer with $ in LA

I was born in this town
I’m an LA girl
So I come from angels
And this is OUR world
We don’t stop 4 disaster
natural or otherwise
We make our money by many means
For most of us that is any means
We’re creative and bright
in the Cali sunlight
We may fight amongst ourselves
but come together when right


——> This week’s theme is “Spontaneous Combustion”.  Join the event!

LAWordSalon spontaneous combustion



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