Theme Suggestion Box from Laws #27 Los Angeles and/or Money

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #27 Los Angeles and/or Money. What would you have suggested?  Which would you have chosen?

Here’s what we gathered:

beef salad, accidental comedy, rage, trips home, theft gone wrong, the supernatural, spontaneous combustion, alien sex, platonic metaphysics, supernatural, purple velocinaptor, exquisite corpse poetry, shadows, pleasant odors, 3 steps to success revenge, urban ghosts, limited resources, getting higher (elevating, en-fleshed humans, ataxia, the power of the will (or: the power to will), love in the ruing, dualism, supernatural, dreams, S&M, Brain Spasms, Retribution, regret

Scroll to see what we chose!



the theme we chose is………….

Spontaneous Combustion“!  Join the event!

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LAWordSalon spontaneous combustion


See you in Echo Park on Sunday!




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