Group Poem #29 Shadows

That’s right!  We’re manically posting consecutive group poems over here at LAWS headquarters.  Next week’s theme is Manic (with AfterWords feature Family Drugs), so we’re getting in the mood.

Without further ado, here’s the group poem from LAWS #29 Shadows:

lawordsalon shadows group poem


LAWS Group Poem

Peter Pan lost his
shadow and his name was
Retep Nap. They got along until

He met the widow
they got along until
she performed and he
didn’t clap

Is that a Rorschach?
did I spell that right?
It won’t matter
if you distort the light

Does anyone realize
we are the shadow of a
spontaneous combustion
come get some bitches
cuz even my shadow
can out spit your uncreative

Punk ass bitches

I cast a shadow 10 towers
tall your essence is
hallow and small
you got no balls
I bet you wish
you never stepped to
me at all

Shadow follows where you go
Clings to you, as long as you’re in the light

But it tends to leave you stranded
in the darkness of the night

And in the night we thrive
switching the gears of our
sex drive, itself a shadow
that hates to hide
a poison that feels alive


——> This week’s theme is “Manic”.  Join the event!

lawordsalon manic



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