Theme Suggestions from Laws #28 Spontaneous Combustion

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #28 Spontaneous Combustion. What would you have suggested?  Which would you have chosen?  [Note: We’re on LAWS #30, now…and the theme this week is MANIC.  The following are suggestions submitted during LAWS #28.  Go team!]

Here’s what we gathered.

shadows, alien sex, platonic metaphysics, spontaneous combustion [some of LAWS #27 suggestions may be in here…], hollow earth, theft gone wrong, rush, trips home, pleasant odors, 3 steps to success, getting higher (elevation), limited resources, en-fleshed humans, ataxia, stupid jokes, dick, brain spasms, regret, retribution, revenge, love in the ruing, dualism,

Scroll to see what we chose!

lawordsalon theme suggestions shadows


the theme we chose is…………..

And we handled it!  Check check out some evidence.

Now, a wee week later, we’ve sifted through a different set of theme suggestions and decided on….

MANIC!  Join the event!

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lawordsalon manic


See you in Echo Park on Sunday!




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