Evidence from LAWS #30 Manic

LAWS #30 Manic was a few weeks ago and I’m still feeling the energy!  Family Drugs was the featured [A]fter [W]ords performers, and they were just what the doctor ordered!  Here’s your belated fix of evidence from the event!

Evidence from  LAWS #31 Role Play and LAWS #32 Echo Park Rising are on their way!

Before I forget!  Make sure to check out this week’s LAWS #33 Infinite Space.  It’s Sunday in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  Join the event!

See evidence from previous events here!

Here’s some evidence from LAWS #30 Manic
care of Lorna Alkana Art



See the full album here!

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Go team!

See you next week for LAWS#33 Infinite Space!  Join the event!

infinate space flyer lawordsalon



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