Group Poem #31 Role Play

Without further ado we present to you the LAWS Group Poem from two weeks ago, LAWS #31 Role Play.

lawordsalon group poem role play

Role Play
LA Word Salon
Group Poem #31

Role play, foreplay
what’s the difference
just please me
but be sure to tease
me first

Girl says – love me, baby
I will give you the

Boy says – Only if you
still love me in the
morning J

When I’m horny and more
boring than the evening
When I’m wearing
myself from the
viewing and stewing from
staring, imagining
you baring your boobs
on the tube of my

You hear what I’m saying? Baby,
we could be role-

——> LAWS #32 Echo Park Rising doesn’t have a group poem because we focused on our two musical features for the festival: Wam Dingis and Mars de la Mancha.  The theme for this week’s LAWS #33 is Infinite SpaceJoin the event!

infinate space flyer lawordsalon



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