Evidence from LAWS #34 Mother Nature [belated!]

LAWS #34 Mother Nature was a family affair!  The LAWSters came together as did Matthew Parada’s family!  Not only did was salon around the theme of Mother Nature, it was also Matthew’s birthday and going away party!  Homeboy is off to see the world with his 21 year old eyes.

This week, we’re actually on LAWS #37 Excuses.  No excuses, but our webmaster is a lil behind on the posting.  Check out some belated evidence from LAWS #35 Retention and LAWS #36 Ladies’ Night in the next few days.  Man oh man!

Before I forget!  I want to officially invite you to LAWS #37 Excuses with [A]fter [W]ords featured performance from The Creature from the Sleepy Lagoon!  It’s Sunday in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  Join the event!

See evidence from previous events here!

Here’s some evidence from LAWS #34 Mother Nature
care of Lorna Alkana Art





See the full album here!

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Go team!

See you next week for LAWS#37 Excuses!  Join the event!

mother nature lawordsalon



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