Theme Suggestions from Laws #35 Retention

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #35 Retention.  Theme suggestions from LAWS #30 – LAWS #34 are kept neatly in bags, folders, and mini drawers.  They may find their ways onto the internet one day.  If not!  Ya should have been there!

Okay, here’s what we gathered….What would you have suggested?  Which would you have chosen?

A drawing of a bong, light, things I did today, cowboy angel, old age or getting older, seasons, solitude, bugs, dark matter, punks, ladies’ night, opposites, chemical imbalance, the Bob’s of music, success, super stars

The group chose….


Lil Footnote is helping out webmaster share the news
Lil Footnote is helping out webmaster share the news


Ladies’ Night!

…But that was two weeks ago… and it was great!  This week’s theme is actually EXCUSES… and I have non for this belated post 🙂

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excuses lawordsalon flyer w


See you in Echo Park on Sunday!




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