Group Poem #33 Infinite Space

Without further ado we present to you the LAWS Group Poem from four weeks ago, LAWS #33 Infinite Space.

lawordsalon infinite space group poem


#33 Infinite Space
LAWS Group Poem

When I told you to
Get closer
You said that you
Already were
Because of relativity
And I rolled my
Eyes, but
They’d been rolling the
Whole time
Just some place else
But that place where here
It has no other
Space to go to

Oh really?

Infinite space
I like to look at your face

You say infinite space
I prefer to run the infinite
Pace with a look on my face
Relevant for the moment
Eloquent when spoken
The thought a spy on
Our past
Prose is a memory noticed

In time
You’ll shine
In time
You’re mine
In space
You fade
you fade
Your face
My pain
In infinite space
I trace
And make
You mine


And really mean it
The infinite space
Is the space in between
Your thoughts and

Let’s share our minds
And warp space and
Time.  Let’s
Escape the tumultuous
Turmoil soil and exist
In rhyme.

I love you all.

And I hope you’re mine
Until I’ll wait in this space
For an infinite amount of time


——> The theme for this week’s LAWS #37 is ExcusesJoin the event!

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