Group Poem #37 Excuses

Without further ado we present to you the LAWS Group Poem from three weeks ago, LAWS #37 Excuses.


excuses group poem lawordsalon

#37 Excuses
Group Poem



You see what had
happened was I had
to get some ice cream
and while that was
happening I got an
erection and then the
ice cream spilled on
my erection so I had
to go home and
jack off to my
boyfriend’s face
PS Sorry! ;p

off your tongue and out
of your mouth.
Like an assembly line
they roll one after the
other.  These products
are unwanted and their
effects are defective.
Send back to manufacturer
Make ’em quality
Or be in assurance that
you keep them t yourself
Because I will inspect them

She does not want you,
not any other.
You cause them so much
You deserve to love
in return for seeing the
superior gender as a prize
a few minutes a day
rather than embrace
a world of laughter
and friends with
curses behind each praise

behind each phrase is
a deeper meaning even
when that phrase has
to do with ice cream and
it’s so easy
she’s so sleazy
excuses, excuses for
why you don’t love her
just a veil over
the fact that you do,
in fact, love her.

Just like anyone would love
to lick ice cream off their
boyfriend’s erection.  admit it.
every phrase has a deeper
meaning.  a memory.  What
does your memory love

Sometimes, I feel like
I’ve made more excuses
than friends.  It’s kind of
sad but I suppose that’s
how life goes.  Of course
none of it was my fault.
I swear…okay so maybe
it was my fault, but had
I known, I would have done it differently.  It was
the circumstances, I swear.

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