Group Poem #38 Cats and/or Imagination

Without further ado we present to you the LAWS Group Poem from two weeks ago, LAWS #38 Cats and/or Imagination.

cats and/or imagination group poem lawordsalon


#38 Cats and/or Imagination
Group Poem

My cat dreams of
cat food
and I dream of
my cat

something I’m
these cats got some
I mean, ya’ll some
creative felines, ya dig?

I’ve dug
beyond imagination

nation to nation

and lost it

The only way to make
your dreams.  To set the
record straight.  To properly
right your wrongs, and
pretend they never happened
at.  To tell that man,
that woman, how you feel
without fear.  The only way to
live life is in your head.

——> The theme for this week’s LAWS #40 is LoyaltyJoin the event!


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